Ministry & Movement  

Jennifer Y. Merriman H.E.L.P. Program

Hope, Empowerment, Life Skills and Prevention

This is a comprehensive and intense program. Each module should be facilitated or instructed by a professional with expertise in the topic being presented. Upon completion, the participants will have acquired skills necessary to obtain gainful employment.  They will understand the importance of being their independent authentic self, which will enable them to lead a life that is productive and free of abuse

The Movement

Serving from the Kettle is not just the title of Andrea’s 3 book, it is a movement that is changing how we serve victims of domestic violence. Stop serving from your cup. Serve from the Kettle and multiply your resources and eliminate the stress that goes with finding the right tools when you are advocating for individuals. 

Ministry and Movement Benefits


Gain step-by-step information to get you started making change from inside out. Learn mindfulness techniques. 


Community, Family, Environment. Moving forward may mean changing outside factors. 


Stand Up and Speak Out – This is not just for the victim but for our communities. We are all being affected by domestic violence in our communities. 


Strategic Planning, one of the main reasons for our Serving from the Kettle movement. 

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