Life Ownership Coaching

Life Ownership Coaching 1:1

Life Ownership is all about understanding who you are and owning your rights to make good sound decisions. When you work one-on-one with Andrea, you get a details strategy to empower your decision making. As a Servant Leader working with domestic violence victims and survivors, you need a plan to keep you whole. Work with Andrea, she can not only help get you to your next, you will have a plan for sustainability. Healing after trauma is a must if you desire to lead and serve with Independence, Influence and Impact. Schedule an appointment or complete the contact form here.

Life Ownership Circle Building

A Mastermind is a group of people that come together for a desired learning purpose and share their thoughts. Group coaching is where a group of people take the same program and learn collectively. These are both incredible ways to get information and learn. However, when you build lasting relationships and bond for collaboration, you now have a Sister Circle. Andrea’s group coaching does just that. Andrea delivers her group coaching in a way that facilitates learning, bonding and collaboration. If it takes a village, why not build one while you learn a new skill. Schedule an appointment or complete the contact form here.

Coaching Features

Certification and Licensing

Become a Certified Life Ownership Coach and receive your license to facilitate the Jennifer Y. H.E.L.P, Program. 

Healing with PEARLS

If you want to go through the journey of Healing with PEARLS building your circle, join the group coaching sessions. As you heal, you will learn that you have the power to direct your life. There is Hope for a brighter future. How to live your purpose after suffering heartache and pain. How to bring your vision into reality. Your past doesn’t define you, it only adds to the stepping stones to take you higher.


Breakdown, Breakthrough, Build-Up. This interactive coaching program walks with you hand in hand through the process of breaking down what has you stuck. This is when your breakthrough shows up and gives you clarity. Both of these processes must happen to get you to your build up. If you are starting your ministry and you want to clarity on your steps and how to set goals for your biggest impact, this program is for you. 

Advocate Skills

Learn to master the Seven Principle Skills for DV Advocates. Believe, Communicate Effectively, Resources, Goal Setting, Awareness/Safety, Personal Life Ownership & Decision Making. 

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