Disrupt the Normalcy of Domestic Violence

Raising a healthy child takes a healthy village. Let's build one together.

I help domestic violence advocates, minister, and servant leaders, who struggle with taking time for self-care and continuing their own healing while continuing to give back. I understand to keep your independence, while you use your influence to help others achieve healthy relationships, you need tools, resources and a sister circle to help you achieve the biggest impact. I offer this through my speaking, coaching, books and workshops. 

My Philosophy

I believe to stop the cycle of domestic violence the parents teaching our youth must have an avenue for healing and growth. We cannot teach something that is not inside of us. As advocates, coaches and servant leaders we have an obligation to heal ourselves and have on-going training on ethics, advocacy and other modalities to serving.

My Methods

Through 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Speaking, Books, Training Workshops and Producing and Hosting Tea & Pearls Sister Gatherings, I give those looking to make a change in their community resources and relevant programs to facilitate change. It is not enough to be aware domestic violence takes place; it is time to take an active role in defeating it.

My Goals

My goal is to not only disrupt the normalcy of domestic violence but to defeat it. To bring the love, kindness and respect back into our families. I want to train, certify and give licensing rights to 100 advocates by the end of 2020. This war against domestic violence takes warriors that have passion, skills and mental aptitude to bring change. I call them Warriors in Pearls. Find out how you can bring change.


Transformational Speaker/Facilitator

A transformational speaker helps guide your audience through a process of change. Andrea does just that. If your audience is Advocates, Spiritual Leaders, or another Servant Leaders, Andrea’s impactful message of Hope and Harmony is what you need. Domestic Violence is having negative impact on our families and our communities. Our leaders need support, healing tools and modalities and a method to establish building blocks for change. Click to learn more of why you need Andrea as your Keynote Speaker or Workshop Leader



Life Ownership Coach

Andrea’s motivation and life empowering skill sets have been invaluable in helping her to overcome the hurdles of career, certain life-altering obstacles, and yes, even horrific tragedy in her life and the life of her family. Andrea’s coaching programs will help you build your leadership skills, manage your time for better impact and continue your healing process. Don't wait until you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Click to learn more.



Movement and Ministry

Andrea is adding to her Sister Circle women that have a passion to disrupt the normalcy of domestic violence and take action. This may mean bring men into the movement for bigger impact. Domestic violence can only be controlled if we all stop accepting the acts as a part of a relationship. If you understand this, if you want to make a difference, click and learn more.



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