Disrupt the Normalcy of Domestic Violence

Raising a healthy child takes a healthy village. Let's build one together.

Let’s get on the phone and chat awhile. Let me show you how Serving from the Kettle and creating harmony in your life can help you  fulfill your mission. Click the link below and register for your FREE Consultation. 

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Have you suffered from a tragic event and know it is time to give back? Have you been at the end of your rope and had to make the tough decision to move forward? Do you  know what it feels like to try to help a domestic violence victim but it seems they aren’t trying to help themselves? If you can answer yes to any or all of these, working with Andrea can ease the frustration and give you clear and concise steps to help you work through this. Whether you are ready to host a Tea & Pearls Sister Gathering or you are ready for advocate certification, we need to chat. 


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We are all about sharing and excelling in our caring. We will soon be launching a video newsletter. Register here for the Quarterly video. We will have tips to help you stay organized, build your mission, use essential oils and more. You will also have a chance to speak up and let us know what you need in your journey. 

Start Your Advocacy Career

Download our free checklist that will give you tips to getting started in advocating for domestic violence victims. These “Top 12 Personal Development Tips that will jump start your advocacy career”, are tips I wish I had when I started. They will help you map out a plan of action so you can prepare for the biggest impact. There is a victim waiting on you. Download now!

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