Disrupt the Normalcy of Domestic Violence

Raising a healthy child takes a healthy village. Let's build one together.

Andrea D. Merriman is a Woman of God and Servant leader, dedicate to executing her rolls as Wife, Mother, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Certified Coaching Specialist and Advocate for Life Ownership with dignity. Andrea is also the Founder and CEO of Feminine Life Rebuilders a 501c3 non-profit and the Owner of FLR Global Institute. Andrea knows to eradicate domestic violence; you need to disrupt the normalcy of violence against women.

Andrea has survived the death of two daughters working through the pain with purpose and passion. She has developed two signature programs and written books specifically for women ready to move forward after tough times. They each offer a holistic approach to healing after tragedy. Contact Andrea below or schedule your free consultation. iamharmony.youcanbook.me

In 2018, Andrea hosted, an event called Tea & Pearls Sister Gathering. During the 2019 3-day Gathering transformation and emotional healing took place. This started a movement, sisters are hosting and attending Gatherings in their home and as larger events. Tea & Pearls Sister Gatherings are designed to bring communities and its leaders together to have the tough conversations. We need to keep at the forefront of our minds the violence that is affecting each of us. Attend a Gathering, participate and better yet contact me about how you can host a Gathering.

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# murders reported at DV in NC 2018

# of women reporting stalking in their lifetime

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Address: Richfield, NC 28137

Phone: 980-643-0206

Business Hours: 5p-9:30p M-TH, 9a-5p Sunday

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