Serving from the Kettle: The Servant Leaders’ Guide to Tea & Pearls Sister Gathering


Are you ready to turn your advocacy up a notch? Serving from the Kettle will help you do that. It is not just a book. SFK is a guide to a movement that can be used in any community to help win this war against domestic violence. It is going to take each of us joining together and reaching out to those that we can. Be ready for some AHA moments. Join me in my fight to help advocates heal so we can collaborate to end domestic violence.

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Serving from the Kettle is for the advocate or servant leader working with domestic violence victims. It gives insight on how Andrea wants women to form sister circles and build strategies to eradicate domestic violence over a cup of tea. Serving from the Kettle is not just a philosophy, it is a movement built with grace, love and hope. Readers will get a full understanding and strategies on how to hold a Tea & Pearls Sister Gathering in their area. The purpose of the gathering is to get friends, family and communities to come together and form a plan to eradicate domestic violence. For centuries women have been staring movements, changing history and building communities from the comfort of their home, over a cup a tea. Grab a cup of tea while you read the book and let’s disrupt the normalcy of domestic violence.

The concept of Serving from the Kettle is about continuing your work as a servant leader with a mindset of collaboration, networking, using a broad range of resources and building a sister circle that holds you accountable.

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