Advocate Intensive


Allow me to introduce to you, the Advocate Intensive. It is for the advocate, new or seasoned, that is ready to fine tune their niche’, determine their target audience, map out a plan for success and help clients move forward.

We have developed the best solution to relieve you of the burden of trying to figure out what you are supposed to do on your own and get to your ideal outcome quickly, The Advocate Intensive.


If you are ready, so are we!

The Advocate Intensive is one of the most important tools on the market for advocates. We have combined over 30 years of advocating skills, domestic violence needs and personal development information and packaged it for the biggest impact.

At the completion of your personalized intensive, you will have clarity of how you can best H.E.L.P. to eradicate domestic violence. You will receive a blueprint of your next steps and how to achieve them.

Making a decision to facilitate change in others can be exciting, scary and heartfelt all at the same time. We know that, we have been their before. That is why we want to help you lighten your load by helping you find clarity of the thoughts in your mind.

Whether your gift is speaking, courtroom support, scheduling volunteers, managing, or one of the many other ways you can serve, the intensive will help you.


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